About Us

We was established in the year 2018, making it a pioneer in the area of reusable shopping bags. Currently, our branded and private label products are contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic bags in GCC countries.

Mission & Vision

In simple terms our business philosophy is  ‘’to design and develop commercial solutions to a social problem ‘’ –  specifically in this case to provide environmentally friendly, sustainable, low cost, practical alternatives to single use plastic bags.



The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leading the creation of an environmentally friendly and sustainable economy all around the world.  GCC is developing and implementing new strategies for a better future not only GCC Countries but for the world.


Non-Woven Bags

We are working for a better future and a cleaner world. Because of that, we are producing eco-friendly and  100% recyclable bags . According to research, the best solutions for shopping bags or tote bags are non-woven bags and cotton bags.

Quality Assurance

 Highest quality and Eco-Friendly

Low Cost

Factory and Competitive price with no hidden cost.

Faster Delivery

Short Production Lead Time

    Custom Bag Size

 Fully customized as per your needs

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